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Wainwright Snowdonia in Photos – Flash Movie



wainwright movie

FREE Sample Flash Movie


Each viewpoint has a detailed route guide from the nearest carpark or road side. A great book to pre-plan your Wainwright’s Viewpoints, there are easy off the road access for wheelchairs, or 5 hours walking to choose from. We give you GPS directions to follow, with links to find the best sunniest spot, to photograph. Time your walk to give you the best illumination, web site links included, together with your own map making and Forum to compare notes.




Alfred Wainwright (1907-1991), much loved by ramblers and fell walkers, will always be remembered for his famous ‘Pictorial Guides, compiled between

1955 and 1984. Mainly known for his works on the Lake District, many people may not be aware of his visits to Snowdonia and in particular his ‘Welsh

Mountain Drawings’, first printed in 1981 towards mthe end of his publishing career. In black and white sketches, he recorded the spectacular mountain

views, including aspects of Snowdonia’s rich industrial heritage .

Now for the first time, an interactive eGuide has been compiled with full

colour photographs of Wainwright’s stunning Snowdonia vistas. A team of

landscape photographers  have searched for the exact locations of the

original viewpoints and recorded digitally the same views some 30 years

later. Obviously there will be some differences where trees have grown,

boundaries have changed and structures built. But, they have made notes

about their findings and recorded their locations using a GPS device. You

too can now stand where Wainwright once admired the timeless beauty of

Snowdonia. Taking advantage of modern technology, such as this interactive

e-Guide with links to e-Maps, GPS data and up-to-date weather forecasts,

it is now possible to accurately and safely access the Welsh mountains like

never before. Enjoy the beauty, but don’t forget the countryside code .


Use our unique and free Interactive Route Planner to plan your walk before setting out. Click on the ‘walker button’ and you will link to www.landscape-guides.co.uk/googlemaps4.asp, where you can construct an ‘easy-draw’

walking route. A ‘YouTube’ video will guide you through the simple process of making your own walk on a Google map or satellite view. You will be able to add markers/symbols to the map to remind you of things to look for, such as, start point, Wainwright viewpoint, etc. You can look on the Internet for other features, like hotels or campsites, and add markers for those too. As an example, here is an interactive route plan for Viewpoint No. 7. You will also be able to see data about your proposed walk such as distance in metric or imperial units and also elevation profiles, so you’ll know what sort of steepness to expect. Your route can then be saved or printed out for use.

If you’re planning a group or charity walk this is ideal for making a quick printout of the route for use by others. After visiting the location, it is easy to add more markers to describe features in the area for other people to know about.

There is a comprehensive list of markers to choose from.

If you take your fitness seriously you can go to www.mapmyfitness.com where you can log your walking workout and see how many calories you’ll burn off.