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DOWNLOAD – No.5 Political Cartoon Memorandum or Wishful Thinking – PDF DOWNLOAD


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All about Government and Politics, Public Involvement in Sustainable Development.
Every citizen in any country should be represented my their Politician, have  their best interests protecting though fair and just taxation. To pass laws that promote good health, education and industry. Provide employment, with sustainable development, and protect the environment on land and water.
Look at Nationalizing one bank, Taxing Aviation Fuel, Regulate water, gas and electricity, Food standards and GM food.
New Homes for the Low-Paid, Reducing our carbon Footprint. Border Controls, Global Warming, Disposal of waste for recycling, or generating power, prevent Micro-plastics in the food chain.
EU where we should be IN or OUT. Rising Sea levels, where will the coral islanders and the city people go? Will it end up migrating to higher ground.