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DOWNLOAD : John Bull’s Manifesto To Turn Around and Face the People: 8 Duties a Politician should sign up and protect.


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Political Cartoon John Bull’s Vote for Democracy to Balance the Books, for all Citizens to Participate Equally. 1 Tax & National Insurance: where to spend tax money wisely. 2 Health in Old Age: plan ahead for pensions and care. 3 Build affordable houses: Low –rent for Low-paid Workers. 4 National Health Service for all age groups by qualified staff. 5 Law and Order: Control of Crime and terrorism. 6 Provision for grown businesses to prosper, work for the unemployed. 7 Bankers and Banks to be regulated by state owned good practice Banks. 8 Politically, Economically, Environment and Socially for us all together. A good subject for school history teachers to download and discuss with pupils to add their own design changes and send them to mumfordebooks for a small prize. Available as a downloadable print. Any support and Forum or feedback would be useful. Downloads for your own us £1 each.
Print size is 17.5 x 9.04 inches.