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Download : Cartoon No.9 Neptune is Winning as Sea Levels Rise: Global Action is Required


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Neptune is a Roman Sea God, nuptiae, is the marriage of Heaven and Earth. Prosperity is our collective responsibility to protect everything living in selective areas of land and sea.

Reducing CO2 and NOx from fossil fuels used in all forms of transport, especially AVIATION. By providing good weather forecasts, social planning, building stronger houses to withstand high winds, typhoons and hurricanes.
Vote for Governments that will regulate, control and tax the ever rising sea levels by reducing CO2 and Nox.

There is an even greater need to protect our cities and prevent mass migration of people, relocating to higher ground already happening now.

I realise my political cartoons are not “funny cartoons”, they are the low Taxed Aviation industry, equals a massive global temperate increase.

The result is sea level rises putting at risk many tropical islands, major cities, and population migration worldwide.different because they have a serious visual message to tell.

These political cartoons started life in America in 1880’s, published by PUCK and JUDGE. I have selected and redesigned these to relate to the present time, their visual message shows to the public a political information map.

“Neptune is a Winner as Sea Levels Rise showing the Global Action Required” to prevent Global Warming.

Extremes in our weather, the damage to lives and property have to be insured. Governments have a duty to plan taxation for the long term.

This means strong controls on CO2 and NOx gases. Add all the land based exhaust emissions together with